Welcome to PT Linda Hanta Wijaya the Tyres Dealer

LHW is a tire import and distribution company in Indonesia. LHW serves distribution throughout Indonesia and remote areas, providing almost all types of tires ranging from consumer / passenger tires, commercial / truck tires, industrial tires, agricultural tires, port tires, to mining tires. For tire requirements not produced in Indonesia, LHW imports from Japan, China, India, to Luxembourg and Israel, oversee the Goodyear, Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex brands.

In addition to import and distribution activities, LHW also helps customers, especially mining customers to maximize tire age (maximizing tire performance and lifetime) by providing Tire Management Service (TMS) which includes monitoring tire performance, tire maintenance, repairs, and usage solutions.

At present, LHW has 3 retail stores, 4 representative offices, 9 distribution center warehouses, and 16 sales points, employing 200 employees spread throughout Indonesia.

Our goal is to strengthen our market presence in Indonesia by exceeding customer expectations in terms of products and services.

Company History

LHW was established in Balikpapan in 1984 as the sole distributor of the Goodyear brand consumer and commercial tires for the East Kalimantan region. To meet tire needs in Indonesia in general and especially in the East Kalimantan region that has grown along with the growth of timber, petroleum, mining and plantation industries, LHW has also expanded its agricultural and industrial tire business lines, as well as mining tires. LHW began importing and distributing Alliance agricultural and industrial tires in 2006 as well as importing and distributing Goodyear brand mining tires in 2008. Now LHW operates 3 retail stores, 2 representative offices, and 6 distribution center warehouses in Kaltim, 1 representative office and 1 distribution center warehouse in Surabaya to handle Eastern Indonesia, and 1 representative office and 2 distribution center warehouses in Jakarta to handle West Indonesia.


Who Are We


Linda Hanta Wijaya is a trusted import and distribution company in Indonesia.


Our Mission


Improve infrastructure and our team to always be available in every phase of the dynamic growth of the country of Indonesia.


What We Do

Our goal is to win through us in Indonesia by exceeding customer expectations in terms of products and services.


Our Vision


Become a leading and trusted company by building the values of our brand.

Why Choose Us

LHW is committed to growing with Indonesia by implementing continuous improvements to its products and services, and to be strong enough in its strategy to face challenges in the future.


A good reputation is our core strength, we believe in the importance of building trust through honest and respectful business conduct.

Team work

People are our most important asset, we believe in creating a dynamic work environment that provides unlimited learning and experience.


The only thing that doesn't change is change itself, we believe in embracing every challenge and doing the right thing.


Sustainable results are the key, we believe in hard work, process, and reaching opportunities at the same time.

Our Product

Our Product


LHW imports from Japan, China, India, to Luxembourg and Israel. In charge of the Goodyear, Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex brands.

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